About us

    • NOVSIGHT LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY INC. is a well-known enterprise specializing in automotive lighting and off-road lighting. Founded in 2017, in California,USA.

      NOVSIGHT is the combination of "Novo" and "Sight", with the meaning of innovation in latin. We take advantage of new innovative technology in providing quality solution for auto lighting services. You will not be alone while driving in the dark, as Novsight will light up the road ahead.

      As a leading company in the automotive and off-road lighting industry, NOVSIGHT is committed to researching and developing high-quality and high-performance automotive and off-road lighting products. The company's products cover LED headlights, interior lights, motorcycle lights, ATV lights, off-road lights, and other fields. These products have multiple international certifications, such as E-MARK, DOT, CE,ASE-J583, J581, and RoHS.

      In the automotive lighting field, NOVSIGHT has a professional technical team and first-class production equipment to ensure that every product has high quality and reliability. Providing a safer and more comfortable driving experience for car owners.

      In the off-road lighting field, NOVSIGHT's products have high intensity, durability, and waterproof performance, which can meet the demanding requirements of extreme off-road environments. Offering the best lighting support for off-road enthusiasts.

      In the future, NOVSIGHT will continue to increase research and development investment in the automotive and off-road lighting fields, continuously launch more competitive products and services, provide better products and services for customers, and make greater contributions to the industry's development.
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